Our stewardship theme this past October was: Found faithful in little with much, with all. After looking at how Good Shepherd has been faithful stewards in the past and present, we looked at some future ways in which we can be good and faithful stewards inside and outside the walls of Good Shepherd.
The top four "vote getters" were:

Concert series
More fellowship activities beyond Sunday mornings
Make contact with members who have missed a handful of Sundays

I'm going to start with number two and leave the Veterans/Military for last. Concert Series: For those of us who attended the Summit Bells concert, it was a great deal of fun and a learning experience. It was a concert, but not a series. Over the many years of his professional music career, our Director of Music, Ed Hauck, has hosted and played in a number of concert series. This one has a natural answer: Ed will provide direction and take the lead on this. I can already hear the music.

More Fellowship opportunities: Sherry R. is the head of our Fellowship Committee, but she's going to need some help if we want to have top-notch events and more of them. On Tuesday, December 10 we will have a chili competition at 6pm (Come hungry!). Following dinner we will move to the Sanctuary to "meet" some people from Christmas and sing some Christmas carols. If you have fun, maybe you are cut out for the Fellowship Committee! (Note: this is a joint effort between the Fellowship and Worship Committees). There are already murmurs about a Mardi Gras Festival in 2020 (Note: "Fat Tuesday is February 25, 2020). Remember, we are looking for people who can do quality and perhaps team up with another committee.

At Good Shepherd, we know each other well and we notice when someone misses a few Sundays in a row. Bob H. is the chair of Evangelism/Membership. Ed has some thoughts about how the office can funnel this information to people to make some “we care” phone calls, and I have some information on how we can use that information and am prepared to do some training.

Now lastly: Veterans and Military. This is going to be new, and we don't know what the needs are or if we have the resources to meet them. I would like to gather a handful of people, especially those of you who put a dot up for this. Especially the three of you who put those red dots up. If you would be interested in being one of those to look at needs -- that means talking to people and doing research, not just presuming: We need to talk!
I will be putting a Veterans, Fellowship, Membership “I would like to know more or be a part of this” sign up sheets on my office door.

Let's be found faithful in little with much, with all. We have a lot of great things happening at Good Shepherd because we have a wonderful group of disciples who strive to be faithful and trustworthy stewards.


Pastor Leah Schafer